get Michigan car insurance quotesHunting for new coverage has never been easier than today, when so much information is available online.  But we don’t think about reviewing our coverage on an annual basis—we should, because we might well find a better deal. And while it may seem intimidating, it’s not as difficult as you might fear.

  1. Do you need to make a switch? That depends. If you’ve changed cars, started a family, moved or gotten a new job, your needs may have changed and so might your coverage. Your life situation will help drive your evaluation of what coverage you might need.
  2. Comparison shopping is a breeze. It’s simple to get Michigan car insurance quotes online and you should be sure to do so from three or four different companies. Make sure you specify the same coverage limits and deductibles so that it is a valid comparison. A low price might mean less coverage—make sure you know.
  3. Consumer review sites can give you important information about a company and so can websites such as A.M. Best. Be sure to check the stability and customer reviews of any company you are considering.
  4. How important is customer service? Do you want a life person reachable 24/7? You might well want that option in the stressful situation of an accident.
  5. How much of their business is done online and how comfortable are you with filing online and emailing? Are you a big user of mobile apps? Is it important to you that your insurer have a mobile-friendly option? You will want to choose the company that has contact options that you are likely to be comfortable with.
  6. Check on discounts. Many consumers don’t know that there are many different ways to cut your premium and all it takes is asking the question, “what discounts do you offer?” Asking that simple question could make a big difference in what you pay.
  7. Do some prep work in advance. Clean up your credit, for example, as that plays into what you will pay.
  8. If you are switching carriers, either don’t renew or cancel that old coverage. You do not want any lapse in coverage, a period when you are not insured, so make sure there is no gap between the policies.

Today switching carriers has never been easier. Make it a habit to review your coverage every year to be sure you’re getting a good deal.

May 11th, 2015

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