considering new Illinois InsuranceWhether it is home, health, or auto insurance, it is always better to be prepared and protected than without it when you need it most. Some forms of insurance like health and car insurance are required, but home insurance is only a requirement with your lender. No matter which form of Illinois insurance you are considering, it is worth your time to at least check out and what they can do for you before you throw caution to the wind. Ensuring your health, home, and car are covered by insurance can help you ensure that it is there when you need it most.

Health Insurance

This form of Illinois insurance is a requirement, but not by the state government but rather the federal government. Health care reform requires everyone to possess insurance for their health to assist in paying for medical expenses. If you choose not to possess health insurance you will be fined at tax time for approximately 5% of your family’s income to cover the cost of what you would have paid for insurance. However this fine doesn’t insure you for a year, just takes money that should have been put into insurance.

Car Insurance

Auto insurance or car insurance is a state required insurance and can be purchased through any provider that offers Illinois insurance policies that meet the state requirements. Not only will this ensure you are financially responsible in the event of an accident, but with the proper coverage can repair your vehicle as well. If you want to ensure your car can be repaired or replaced, you should speak to a car insurance representative to learn more about the coverage you need to achieve this level of insurance. You can also learn more about various policies on the state website.

Home Insurance

Home insurance is only required by lenders to ensure that the investment they placed in your home is recovered in the event of a disaster. However this Illinois insurance policy isn’t that bad of an idea to possess. You can ensure that your home can be repaired or replaced anytime a covered peril causes damage, and all you need to do is pay the premium plus the deductible to ensure you are properly protected. However many people don’t buy home insurance unless they have to and those who don’t possess this form of insurance fall on hard times when disaster strikes.


October 22nd, 2015

Posted In: Insurance